Thursday, December 28, 2006

Divinum Mysterium

If anything articulates my feelings on the divine mystery of God in Christ Jesus then it is music. To wit: the first piece -- Da Pacem Domine -- from Estonian composer Arvo Pärt's newest album. I heard this coming home from work last Friday. Mere luck?
Who knows.
I'm inclined to say that this album is God's response to my despondent attitude over the last week or two.

The lyrics are simple but, to me, profound; the music soars over them and sanctifies them. When done with care, music is the surest proof of God for me.

Da pacem domine
in diebus nostris
quia non est alius
qui pugnet pro nobis
nisi tu Deus noster.

Give peace in our time,
O Lord,
because there is none other
that fighteth for us,
but only thou, O Lord

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