Monday, April 6, 2009

Ah, Holy Jesus

It's been too long (far too long) since my last post. So I'll start Holy Week with the words to the following hymn that was sung this morning at worship; truly a hymn of lament (not enough of that going around is there?). Considering that it was written smack-dab in the middle of the Thirty Years War, I guess I can understand why lament was the order of the day.

Ah, holy Jesus, how hast Thou offended,
That we to judge Thee hath in hate pretended?
By foes derided, by Thine own rejected,
O most afflicted.

Who was the guilty? Who brought this upon Thee?
Alas, my treason, Jesus, hath undone Thee.
’Twas I, Lord, Jesus, I it was denied Thee!
I crucified Thee.

Lo, the Good Shepherd for the sheep is offered;
The slave hath sinned, and the Son hath suffered;
For our atonement, while we nothing heedeth,
God intercedeth.

For me, kind Jesus, was Thine incarnation,
Thy mortal sorrow, and Thy life’s oblation;
Thy death of anguish and Thy bitter passion,
For my salvation.

Therefore, kind Jesus, since I cannot pay Thee,
I do adore Thee, and will ever pray Thee,
Think on Thy pity and Thy love unswerving,
Not my deserving.

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