Thursday, May 17, 2007

Divine Submission(s)

As serendipity would have it, I've come across a number of blog postings that either directly or indirectly relate to my last posting.

Dwight over at versuspopulum has an very interesting and thought provoking post about the experiential nature of feminist theology and it's implications vis-à-vis the concept of submitting to God's will. I had all these same ideas in my head but couldn't articulate them nearly as well as Brother Dwight. I have an affinity to Dwight's position (and not because I know him). It's a position of humility and gratitude that resonates with me. (more on this in my next posting). BTW, the comments on this post are thoughtful too.

Father Tobais at In a Godward Direction has two interesting posts: one about Doctrine which is quite thoughtful and is apropos to the discussion of any theology. The other about Christian forgiveness. Again, Fr. Tobais is taking an approach of humility that I've always felt is the mark of Christian grace. (Again, read the comments, they're thought provoking).

And finally, Fr. Kimel over at Pontifications (his blog is off line so this link is to Google's cached version) has a number of interesting postings, but I'd recommend the May 11th posting on Protestant unity which does concern doctrine and theology. Oh, and read the posting about Anglican Communion (about who has doctrinal authority in the AC), it's an enlightening read.

Maybe these are not serendipitous at all? Maybe this is the Holy Spirit working through her Church? The more I think on it, the more I like that idea.

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