Friday, May 18, 2007

We are the Champions......

So, I'm perusing my other theology/religion blogs some mornings ago and I noticed that the blog In A Godward Direction recieved a nomination for Best Religion Blog from the Bloggers Choice awards. My interest pequed, I navigated my way over to that page to see the other "best of" blogs; particularly religious. And as I scrolled through the first two or three pages of religion blogs, I noticed a distinct lack of diversity. To wit: the top, say, 50 were mostly (>90%) Catholic. But not just Catholic; ardently, stridently, in some cases vociferously, Catholic. Why?

It's true the bloggers tend, like other hobbiests, to form cliques that feed off one another, so one could say this is just favoritism. Maybe. I also noticed that the top 10 blogs all were conservative in their outlook; again in some cases vociferously so. Another thing I noticed was that there no Lutheran blogs in this list. None! I know for a fact there are good Lutheran blogs out there in the blogsphere. So why no nominations? I might chalk it up to modesty, but that only applies to Minnesota Lutherans.

Admittedly, these blogs don't represent all Catholic opinion. Nor does the fact that other denominations are underrepresented mean much in the grand scheme of things . But the paucity of blogs from other denominations seems odd as does the tenor of the top religious blogs in this "best of " list. Oh well. Food for thought.

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